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body-testimonialsOthers Say it Best

Phillips Tower's exceptional care can be felt through the testimonials of those closely associated with various aspects of our mission and services.

Living at Philips Tower has truly been a joy. The staff is genuine and caring, and they go out of their way to be helpful. The location is nestled near a beautiful college whose students occasionally stop in. Close by we have a library, recreation center, beautiful churches, a swimming pool, the finest cornucopia of restaurants that the South has to offer and residential activities galore! I could easily write a small book about how wonderful it is to experience living here.

Reggie J. Howze

"I thank God for Philips Tower. Not only do they provide plenty of activities to keep us busy, but the staff is friendly and courteous. They have also given me the opportunity to use my God-given gift by providing me a space for my Bible study. I also have the opportunity to welcome pastors to our beautiful church services on Sundays. God bless the staff at Philips Tower."

Margaret Bell

Three years ago I moved to Georgia to live near my only child. I was attracted to Philips Tower because of the location in downtown Decatur. Living here has been very beneficial for my health and peace of mind. It offers so many activities. We go to plays, ballgames and museums. We have a wellness center that offers personal counseling. The very caring staff has always been there to help. I've made great friendships with people who have enriched my life; I know this was a great move for my senior years.

Beryl Taylor

Living at Philips Tower has been a blessing. Because of my failing eye sight, I was no longer able to drive my car. My doctors suggested senior living. I was drawn here because of the location. I can walk to several wonderful restaurants. Three banks are in walking distance; drugstores, fast food places, a public library, recreation center, and a park are minutes away. It has made me feel independent again to be able to walk to these places. I love Philips Tower!

Jackie Fisher

I have been at Philips Tower for six years, and I love it. Philips Tower has a lot to offer the residents. We even have a TV channel that tells us what is going on each day. I love that.

Nancy Martin

"Because my husband died during our first year here, I can truly say that the resident and staff have been like a family to me. I am not far from my children and grandchildren, and being so close to shopping, grocery stores, medical centers and my place of worship, I feel so blessed. We can take trips, get together with family and friends for pot luck dinners, and attend worship service almost every day of the week. We can walk to shops and restaurants, and the city of Decatur has so many events to go to and enjoy. When I get to talking about Philips Tower, I get carried away because I truly love living here."

Pinkie Tyson

I enjoy living at Philips Tower in the Heart of Decatur, there is always something to do. It's close to churches, restaurants, grocery stores, the MARTA station, nice shops, parks, and doctors. It's also a great place just to go walking.

Annie Canady

I moved to Philips Tower in 2004. I've always enjoyed the pleasant environment here--for me, it's a great place to live.

Ed Bangs

When I arrived at Philips Tower in 2007, I was in transition. I felt like a stranger in a strange land. Recently widowed, I left my long-time home San Francisco and moved to Georgia to be near my son. I had never lived in the South and had no experience in a senior community. What helped me the most was Philips Tower. I immediately felt safe and welcome here. I have learned so much and enjoyed the mix of people here. When my friends in California ask when I am returning, I can truthfully say that I am not. I have a special home here and I wouldn't trade it for anything.